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  • Aminah Khan

Luxembourg's Christmas Markets

With the beginning of the annual Christmas Markets (also known as Winterlights) throughout Luxembourg, the holiday season begins! From the hub of Christmas festivities in the City Centre or the Gare, to small towns, like Mamer, which have their own special winter moments. So instead of staying home this winter, consider visiting some of these markets, enjoying exciting rides like the enormous Ferris wheel in the City Centre, or trying some of the distinctive Luxembourgish food, like the delicious Gromperekicheler (deep-fried potato cakes), or maybe chocolate-covered fruit is more your style.

Today's Christmas Markets are charming little events held in towns and cities throughout Luxembourg. They feature exciting rides, delectable dishes from the local culture, and other fun activities, including exciting concerts, stall games with prizes, and you can even have a look around some shops nearby! Ice skating rinks were even present in the past. However, this year we are introduced to the new, fascinating concept of roller-skating rinks in various areas due to Luxembourg's desire to conserve energy! Here in Luxembourg, you can get your lengthy list of Christmas shopping done and have some Christmas fun at the same time with the help of some of these Market souvenirs, from stunning handy crafts, like tiny scrap metal statues, to hand made jewelry that make the perfect Christmas gift.

These amazing Winterlights are where friends and family can get together and have fun while discovering more of Luxembourg's interesting sights, trying distinctive foods, and purchasing little souvenirs. So, head over right away, bring a friend or two, and enjoy yourself in the festive atmosphere of the most celebrated part of the year in Luxembourg.

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